There is something about certain dates that always evoke certain things for people. Obviously, birthdays of family members and anniversaries come first, followed by dates of infamy like December 7th or September 11th. But there are also some dates beyond those that qualify. For my Dad, May 6th, was always a big date because that was the date that Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. For me, today, August 2nd, is always a big one because it’s the day Thurman Munson died.

That was 33-years ago. And at the time, Thurman was only 32-years old, so he has been gone now for longer than he was here. Yet, I can still recall that mustache, the orange catching gear that seemed to be the perfect match for his personality and that swing. Those are all preserved in my memory along with plenty of other memories of people who have left us far too soon.