We Have A Deal!-UPDATED

Ok, maybe the exclamation point is overkill, but the Yankees have traded Chad Qualls for Casey Mcghee.

McGehee is exactly what the Yankees needed, a guy who hits righty and plays first and third with second thrown in in an emergency. He had 23 homers in 2010. And he is hitting .250/.344/463 vs. LHP in 2012 a bit better than his career line of .259/.327/.427. He makes $2.5 million this year, his first year or arbitration.

Considering that the price was Chad Qualls, a guy who was going to be DFA’ed as soon as Joba comes back, this move has no downside. The Yankees can keep Nix on the bench, platoon McGhee at third and they also have some protection if Teixeira takes awhile to get healthy.

The interesting decision will be when Joba is activated. I can’t believe the Yankees would send Phelps down, but if not Phelps, who gets sent down? I don’t see another obvious move.

UPDATE In my excitement to get this post up, I didn’t do my math very well. By subtracting Qualls, the Yankees open up a spot for McGhee. When they wish to activate Joba, they can simply send Pena down. It’s a pitcher for a hitter and then a hitter for a pitcher, so everything works out. And actually, Joel Sherman is reporting that Joba has been told to get back to New York from Trenton so he can be activated.