Freedom of Speech

Two interesting little events happened yesterday that compelled me to break away from my blog vacation and comment.

First, Reggie Jackson was either banned, suspended or told to stand in a corner by the Yankees and second, Robinson Cano was booed out of Kaufman Stadium. Let’s start with Reggie.

To me, the idea that Reggie would someday say something to upset the Yankees was inevitable. After all, he spent almost his entire five year stay in New York doing exactly that! Reggie was a fun player to watch, but his ego couldn’t fit in most rooms. I suspect he has missed having reporters hanging on his every word, so when one from Sports Illustrated called, he was more than happy to provide some material.

The Yankees look stupid with this quasi-suspension or whatever it is. Either live with Reggie and his mouth or don’t. Sure, he will probably keep quiet for the rest of the year, but sometime soon he will spout off again. (Prediction- next point of contention between Reggie and the Yanekes will occur after Yogi dies and Reggie feels he should be introduced last on Old-Timers’ Day. ) I actually thought A-Rod had the best quote about it when he said, “With these friends who needs enemies”. Bravo Alex, you handled that much better than you would have five years ago.

As for Cano, the Royals’ fans had every right to do that, but I would like to say a few things.

If MLB’s solution to this problem is to automatically include a hometown player they should just end the idea of captains. Billy Butler ranks 16th in the AL in home runs. The most he has ever hit in a season is 21, though he seems certain to break that this year. If the game had been in New York, like it will next year, you would have had to choose from Ike Davis or Lucas Duda who both have 12 home runs and are tied for 26th in the NL right now. If you automatically include a hometown player, chances are you will weaken the field most years.

Second, did any of those KC fans realize they were booing a guy who represented the “home” team for the next two nights. At least they have given me a reason to turn on the game tonight, I want to see how they treat Robbie tonight. While I don’t think the Royals will make it to the World Series, their fans should support the AL. I guess we will see if that support is conditional later tonight.