Life Is Good

The Yankees have taken 5-of-6 from the Red Sox this season and they have done it all at Fenway. They enter the All-Star break with a 7-game lead in the AL East. While there are plenty of things we could nitpick and obsess over, how about we take the next four baseball-free days and enjoy things? (Yes, I said baseball-free because the All-Star Game is a joke at this point.) Here are the biggest things to be happy about in my mind.

1- Kuroda has been exactly what the Yankees hoped he would be, a solid #2 starter. He is probably the best #2 starter they have had in the Joe Girardi era.

2- Robinson Cano may be underrated. Have you ever stopped and thought about the 2004 trade deadline when the Yankees tried to get Arizona to send them Randy Johnson in exchange for a a package that included Cano? It’s interesting to go back and think about that potential trade.

3- Rafael Soriano was an expensive insurance policy from the start, but he has proven to be worth it, tuck or no tuck. And kudos to the rest of the bullpen, which has been fabulous.

4- The bench has been a huge weapon. I am amazed at Eric Chavez’s resurgence. Thrilled to see Andruw Jones mashing again and surprised by Dwayne Wise.

There are obviously plenty more and while there is plenty of baseball left and championships are not won in July, the Yankees have the best record in baseball entering the break. 85 down, 77 to go. See you Friday!