Way To Go Joe!

I was down on Coney Island last night, watching the Cyclones, so I didn’t formally plug into the game until the 7th inning on radio and the 8th inning on TV. (Sidebar- the Cyclones follow Friday games with fireworks, but last night’s game went into extra innings. Apparently, Coney Island rules state that fireworks must start by 10pm, so they set them off DURING the game. It was surreal, batters coming to the plate with the sky in front of them full of fireworks, you can see a picture here.)

Anyway, I watched the bottom of the 8th, the 9th and most of the postgame when I got home and I was struck by a question and answer between Joe Girardi and a reporter. The reporter asked Joe about using Robertson in the 7th and Soriano in the 8th with a doubleheader coming up Saturday. Joe replied, “I can’t worry about tomorrow, I need to win this game.” I practically did a cartwheel off the couch on that one.

Sure, the Yankees will have to limit their usage of Robertson and Soriano today, but winning last night was worth that trade off. For all we know both games today will be blow outs and the Yankees won’t need them. Plus, the rest of the bullpen is in good shape. Eppley threw 7 pitches while Logan only threw 13. If the Yankees need to piece things together in one of the games, they should be able to.

And there is always the chance of rain changing plans today. I think the Yankees would take a rain out tonight and gladly play two tomorrow, I’m not sure about Boston. With the 8:05 start time tomorrow, it would be easy to accommodate that change.

A few other notes/thoughts from last night. Mitchell pointed in the comments out that the Yankees didn’t hit a home run and hit .400 with RISP. I will add this, if the Yankees do start to hit with RISP, look out American League.

How about Mark Teixeira showing all that speed? A triple and a steal, the first time he has ever pulled off that feat. (I fully acknowledge that the triple could only have happened in Fenway, since it rolled into the triangle.)

You sort of have to tip your cap to Kuroda and Beckett, don’t you? Not for their stats, but for the fact they both managed to pitch into the 5th and 6th innings. Not that Valentine and Girardi had much of a choice with the doubleheader today.

Really curious to see if Corey Wade is any better when he pitches today. (And I expect he will)

Enjoy the games. I will be watching the second game with a Red Sox fan so THERE WILL BE BLOOD! Nah, I’m just kidding- I think.