The Right Move

Chad Qualls is a Yankee while Cory Wade is now an Empire Stater or whatever the AAA Yankees are called. If you are going to add Qualls to this roster then this was absolutely the right move to make for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, Wade is a mess right now. After recording a 2.35 ERA through the end of May, he recorded an ERA of 13.97 in June. His stuff disappeared as well. Through May he was averaging over a strike out per inning and had walked only three batters in 23 innings. In June his strikeout rate cut in half and he walked 5 guys in just under 10 innings. The strange thing is his velocity is the same that it was early in the season. He generally pitches in the high 80’s and touches the low 90’s occasionally. So, getting him to AAA and letting him figure things out without the pressure of the majors on him is probably a good move.

But, it is also a good move from a roster standpoint. The Yankees have Freddy Garcia and David Phelps going tonight and Wednesday, neither can be counted on to give length out of the pen. They have to have a long guy just in case and DJ Mitchell is that guy. Furthermore, they cannot recall either Warren or Igarashi until after the All-Star Break unless a pitcher gets placed on the DL. That means that the next guy coming up from the minors right now would probably be Chris Schwinden, a guy the Yankees selected off of waivers from Cleveland last week. Better to keep Mitchell in the big league pen and go from there.

Hopefully, CC Sabathia heals on schedule and returns after the All-Star Break. The Yankees haven’t announced a rotation for the Boston series, but with the off day Thursday, we will probably see Kuroda on Friday followed by Hughes and Garcia on Saturday with Nova closing things out on Sunday. The Yankees don’t have another game until Friday the 13th, so they would be able to set up their rotation any way they wanted to coming out of the break.