Chad Qualls?

Here’s a move I don’t really understand. The Yankees have traded for Chad Qualls. Qualls was DFA’ed by the Phillies a few days ago. The cost is either cash or the proverbial player to be named later.

Qualls had pitched 31 innings for Philadelphia this year with a 4.60 ERA. However, his peripherals indicate a FIP of 5.61. And, despite having roughly the same ground ball and line drive rates, he has given up 7 home runs already after giving up only 7 in 74 innings last year.

With the news that Joba threw 25 pitches in BP the other day and is about two weeks away from getting into a game, I am unsure exactly why the Yankees made this move. Maybe it’s just a case of adding a potential piece of inventory, but I can’t see how Qualls could help this club. And, even if he conceivably could, don’t the Yankees have better choices in the minors?