Not So Home Cooking

Late last night, Aaron Cook pitched a 2-hit, 81-pitch shutout for the Red Sox in their 5-0 over Seattle. It was the kind of outing Red Sox starters are capable of but simply haven’t delivered in recent years. Why did it take an injury project type pitcher in Cook to finally have a Red Sox do this?

In other news Darnell McDonald was designated for assignment so the Red Sox could make room to activate Josh Beckett. I hope Beckett realizes that the Red Sox are releasing one of the best character guys they have to make room for one of the worst character guys they have.

This starting pitching malaise seems to point to Beckett and his poor attitude. I think a trade deadline goal should be to trade Beckett. He’ll be hard to move with his no trade rights and high contract but I really think it needs to be done, as I suggested this off-season. As Michael Felger of 98.5 the Sportshub points out, all you’d need to do is replace a pitcher who has a 4.09 ERA over the past 3 seasons (2010-2012). That really shouldn’t be hard to do.