I wondered in the comments today what would happen if the Yankees had an injury to their rotation. So, feel free to blame me for jinxing them now that we know CC is headed to the DL. The good news is that it sounds like he should be back right after the break. Of course you never know with pitchers.

Freddy Garcia will get the start on Friday. Considering that Freddy has thrown a total of 81 pitches in JUNE it is doubtful that he will be able to provide much length. Personally, I would rather see the Yankees promote Adam Warren and let him start. Since his last start was Sunday, he is in line to pitch again Friday. Looks like the Yankees’ depth will be tested again.

6:15PM I didn’t realize how prophetic the end of this post would be when I wrote it before the start of today’s game. Now the Yankees are down a second starter because Andy Pettitte has a fractured ankle. From piecing together the various beat reports it seems that these are the moves that will be made.

Adam Warren will be called up to start on Friday.

Freddy Garcia will start on Monday.

Ryan Igarashi will be called up tomorrow.

Now, some questions/concerns/clarifications

How will they add Warren to the 40-man? According to this tweet, the Yankees are considering putting Pettitte on the 60-day DL. That means Pettitte is not going to be out six weeks.

How long will Pettitte be in the boot? That’s the key question in all of this because he can’t start throwing until he is out of the boot. So, if he is going to be in the boot for six weeks, you might as well put him on the 60-day DL because he will need at least two more weeks to get his arm back into shape and possibly much more. The timing is critical for not only the 60-day DL question, but the minor leagues wind down in a little over two months time.

Why are the Yankees calling up Igarashi? Forget his numbers right now he is a short reliever. With Garcia in the rotation, the Yankees have a bullpen of Soriano, Robertson, Logan, Wade, Rapada, Igarashi and Eppley. Last time we saw Garcia starting he was a disaster and I as I pointed out above, he is nowhere near being able to give more than 50-60 pitches in a start. Adam Warren will be making his big-league debut Friday. Chances are high that the Yankees will need a long guy in the next few days so why Igarashi?

Along those lines, why not Phelps? Perhaps Igarashi is a place holder because Phelps threw 55 pitches Monday? Maybe the Yankees are thinking they will promote Igarashi for tomorrow’s game, then DFA him and add Warren and Phelps for Friday? (That could be one way to avoid sending Pettitte to the 60-day DL) I suspect they will keep Phelps building up arm strength for now and see how Warren and Garcia do before the All-Star Break and see if Sabathia is indeed ready to return right after it.

Once again the old adage that you can never have too much pitching proves true. Wow, what a terrible day.