A Joke Call

If you haven’t seen the incredibly bad call from last night’s Yankees’ game, here it is. The umpire has to make that call correctly, but people who are screaming that this is another reason to expand replay are missing the point. That call gets made correctly if the umpire simply asks Wise to show him the ball.

Look at the replay, Wise jumps into the stands as the ball is falling into his glove. It is understandable that the umpire, running up the line, might not see the ball glance off the side of Wise’s glove. But, here is where it gets silly. You see a guy on the left side of the frame pick up the ball and hold it over his head as the umpire is running into the frame. You see the guys friend slap him and laugh over the fact that he is holding the ball over his head. You see Wise get helped up, looking a little dazed, with his glove completely closed. Even on TV you can see the glove is flat, how could the ball be in it? All the ump has to do is ask to see the ball and the call is made correctly. That’s umpiring 101, not a need to expand replay and further slow down the pace of the game.

What makes this all worse in my mind is the subsequent ejection of Jack Hannahan. Hannahan tried to discuss the call with umpire Mike DiMuro, but got ejected despite the fact that he didn’t curse at the umpire. If Hannahan is telling the truth, MLB should suspend DiMuro for at least a game because he is the one who escalated that argument.

Look at the video again and watch when Hannahan comes out to argue. DiMuro wags a finger in his face and then chucks him. What happened to the days when umpires turned their backs and walked away? More and more we are seeing umpires who not only refuse to ignore an angry player, but choose to escalate it. Two mistakes were made by DiMuro last night. As bad as the call was, the ejection was worse. Let’s see what MLB does about it.

And it looks like Joe Torre and his guys will be busy this morning….