The Greek God Departs

Just 2 seasons removed from playing stellar baseball, Kevin Youkilis has been traded to the Chicago White Sox.

Youkilis is one of the poster boys for Money Ball, what with his high on-base percentage, and never give away an at bat approach. It is these characteristics that has made him popular not just with Red Sox management but also the fans. He’s always dirty, looks like an average slob (slightly more fit I’ll admit) and shows his emotions on his sleeve.

Kind of the exact opposite of J.D Drew, maybe that’s why we liked Youkilis so much.

Youkilis never got rolling in 2012 and his numbers reflected it. His walk rate and average way down, he never got untracked. With the emergence of Will Middlebrooks, something had to give. From a practical standpoint, no longer will Adrian Gonzalez need to play rightfield just to created space for Youkilis and now the infielders have a much stronger sense of who is playing everyday. Also, Middlebrooks is ripping it up with a .949 OPS vs. Youk’s .692.

Whether or not Youkilis has anything left in the tank remains to be seen, but the team has an able replacement and the time was right to move him, at the very least, for his sake. Youkilis was a bit player in the 2004 World Series run and a major player in the 2007 Red Sox run, he played hard for Boston and for that he is to be commended.

Reading a piece this AM (cannot find it now), the question came up whether or not Red Sox management/ownership,will rip him on the way out. I see no reason why they would. He played well, started to slow and was traded, a fairly usual set of circumstances. If there is a hatchet job on the way out, however, it’ll do a great deal to lessen my like of the Red Sox organization and hope for change.

Let’s hope both sides are off to bigger and better things.