My Bad

With almost half of the season in the books and Johnny Damon arriving in town tonight, it is time for me to admit to a big mistake. I thought Damon or Matsui would be a much better DH for the Yankees than Raul Ibanez. All I can say is that I blew that call. Damon or Matsui would have been disasters while Ibanez has been pretty good for the Yankees.

But, Ibanez still worries me. There are some good things about him and some bad things. His power has been good and his line drive rate has rebounded to where it used to be in his salad days. Conversely, he doesn’t walk anymore and despite a recent surge, he has hit .189/.259/.321 in June. Then again, his BABIP is only .226, which means he has had very poor luck.

A lot can happen between now and the trade deadline. Right now, there is no obvious need that the Yankees need to fill. But, I keep thinking that a bat could become an important addition. Ibanez’s trajectory from here will be a big part of determining if that is true.