First let me say I’m a big Joe Maddon fan. When the Red Sox conducted their managerial interviews prior to the 2004 season, Maddon was on the list and I recall rooting for him because of his interest in blending sabermetrics with olde-timey baseball hunches. When the Sox hired Terry Francona, I was disappointed, goes to show what I know.

All of this brings us up to last night’s game, of which I saw very little. Relying on ESPN’s recap, I learned the Red Sox lost and there was a bench clearing incident. The Red Sox losing isn’t news and while a bench clearing moment is exciting, this one lacked much action. What was interesting was Maddon’s take on what precipitated the scuffle.

Here is the link from espn:

I have no doubt Franklin Morales was trying to hit Luke Scott but to read Maddon’s complete overreaction is amusing. To call the Red Sox coaches “incompetent,” plus many other things, is off the wall. So far this year, many Red Sox and Rays players have been hit by a pitch with several other pitches thrown with recklessness. Maddon clearly is viewing things through Rays-blue colored glasses.

And Scott, to think he can lambaste a town, team, fans and a park and not expect to be hit is downright naive. Scott talks a lot and sometimes talking can get you into trouble, as it should. Words carry weight. My money is on Scott getting dusted again this weekend.

Back to Maddon, he can call the Red Sox coaches, read: Bobby Valentine, incompetent, but he equally shares the blame as sailing a pitch over Daniel Nava sounds like it had purpose and even of it didn’t, it is a reckless act, dare I say an incompetent act.

Ah baseball, for such a ploddingly slow sport, it sure can generate excitement. Josh Beckett goes to tonight. Let’s see if he pitches incompetently.