Time For A Shakeup

Apologies for not posting recently. I’ve been “distracted’ by the Rangers first trip to the Conference Finals in 15 years and the fact that the Yankees are just not very good right now. In fact, Andy and I are thinking about registering the domain name “www.mediocrebaseball.com”. I kid, but wow has this season been a bummer so far.

I’ll be honest, things went downhill for me when Mariano got hurt. Without him, I have lost my favorite player. In fact, I can’t remember not having a favorite player actively playing since I started rooting for the Yankees. To wit:

1978-8/2/79: Munson, Nettles, Guidry
8/3/79-1983: Nettles+Guidry
1984-1988 Guidry+Mattingly
1988-1995 Mattingly
1996-1999 Bernie Williams
1999-2006 Bernie and Mariano
2006- now Mariano

And now I feel empty. I’ve been searching for a new favorite player for awhile, but I just haven’t found one. I can’t be a Jeter guy (though I do appreciate him) and I can’t find another guy I like enough. Granderson or Swisher could be the next one, but I am just not there yet with either of them. So, I find myself watching the games, but feeling somewhat empty.

But enough about me, the Yankees are 21-21 and clearly struggling. I give Girardi credit for dropping Tex to the 7th spot tonight, you can’t argue that it was a sensible move. But, the Yankees need to do something more. They need to shake up this club and there are only a few moves they can make that would make sense. Here are my ideas ranked from most-likely to least.

1- Release Freddy Garcia. Freddy has been better in the bullpen, but it’s a bad fit and he didn’t do himself any favors tonight. Cutting a guy who makes $4 million may show the lockeroom something.

2- Move A-Rod to the #2 spot in the lineup. Alex is getting on base and hitting for average, but he isn’t driving the ball. Moving him out of the meat of the order might wake him up and doing it by moving him “up” might protect his ego.

3- Keep Boone Logan away from the later innings unless a lefty is up. The platoon split isn’t as pronounced in 2012 as it has been in his career, but Logan is much, much better against lefties. Put him in against righties and trouble tends to follow.

4- Bench Russell Martin and put Chris Stewart in as the regular catcher. Martin has been MIA with the bat and somewhat MIA with the glove. (Freddy didn’t deserve that WP call tonight) Also, what has happened with Martin and Sabathia this year?

5- Fire a coach. Sure, it’s the Steinbrenner way, but he wasn’t always wrong when he did it.

6- Release Martin. This is an “In Case of Emergency” move, but if things keep going like this and Martin keeps going like this, it is worth remembering that his contract ends after this season.

How about you, any moves you would make?