I’m Fairly Sure He Doesn’t Get It

Boston.com is reportng that Josh Beckett played golf just 2 days prior to a scheduled missed start due to a stiff latissimus (lat) muscle.

Playing golf is what baseball players do, I get that, but when public perception is already that you are a beer drinking slob, how can you be so careless in your decision making? Again, it is a sense of entitlement that he must feel, as though he can do no wrong and isn’t to blame for anything bad.

Bobby Valentine is quoted in the piece as saying, “I’m trying to sort out my feelings” about this issue. Sort them out he will as this is not going to go away.

More fallout to come I’m sure.

I was away last week and much happened. The Red Sox still stink, Kevin Youkilis got hurt…again, and Will Middlebrooks was called up, amongst other things. The Middlebrooks call-up was the best as he is off to a boffo start and anytime a rookie comes up and makes a splash, it is an exciting thing. Exciting is what the Red Sox need after all.

Regarding the still stinking part, the Red Sox haven’t just stunk for 5 weeks in 2012, they stunk for 4 weeks in September/October 2011. Their record since September 2011 is 19-37. That is last place bad. It kind of reminds me of the time leading up to Morgan Magic, when John MacNamara had lost his team and watching the Red Sox was a chore. Walpole Joe came in and the Red Sox rattled off one of the best runs in baseball history (or at least Red Sox history).

I’m not sure who or what will be this season’s Morgan Magic, but Middlebrooks Magic has a ring to it.