Forcing It

I can’t for the life of me get why the Yankees are putting Andy Pettitte into the rotation Sunday. I get that David Phelps didn’t exactly dominate in his one start, but by giving up two runs in four innings while striking out five, he showed some potential. Meanwhile, Andy Pettitte has made two starts above A ball and has allowed three earned runs in five innings in both of them.

But Pettitte proclaimed himself ready and something makes me think the Yankees felt pressured into this. I hope I am wrong and I also hope that getting Pettitte back in the bigs will “start his juices” and up his performance. I wouldn’t have made this call if it was my choice.

What I do wonder is what will happen roster-wise over the next few days? Brett Gardner should be back Thursday and Eric Chavez may join him. Then Pettitte will need to be activated and put on the 40-man roster. the obvious calls are Gardner gets activated, Wise gets sent down. Chavez gets activated and Nix gets sent down. Pettitte gets activated, Rivera moved to the 60-day DL and Eppley gets sent down. But, it wouldn’t shock me to see the Yankees keep Nix and send Nunez down to get more outfield time. Or jettison Rapada, a guy who has walked 5 in 8 innings and keep Eppley. Maybe they send Phelps down to keep him stretched out? We shall see.