The Wrong Question

In the wake of Freddy Garcia’s latest blowup, the Yankees are asking “how can we fix him?” I wish they would ask, “who could pitch worse that he has?”

The first question is certainly logical, but it also ignores some realities. Garcia hasn’t thrown hard in years, he is 35 and this could be the end of the road. I can’t see him coming back in 2013, so his time with the Yankees is limited.

On the other hand, if the Yankees asked who could pitch worse, they would probably come up with the answer of almost nobody. That could lead to some interesting moves. For example, the Yankees could put David Phelps in Garcia’s spot. Or they might turn to D.J. Mitchell, who pitched well at AAA last year and is looking good so far this year. Obviously, the bar isn’t set very high right now. Five innings a start would be an improvement over what Garcia is giving them. I think the Yankees could find that pretty easily if they looked elsewhere.

What I suspect they will actually do is use the schedule to their advantage and keep waiting for Andy Pettitte. With an day off on May 7th, the Yankees could pitch Garcia May 3rd and then skip his spot in the rotation until May 12th. That would let Andy make two more starts in the minors and then pitch sometime that weekend of May 11th. I hope I am wrong because this clearly isn’t working and the Yankees should just pull the plug now.

Sunday Morning Update Yankees PR (their official feed) tweeted this morning that D.J. Mitchell has been recalled from Scranton. No word on a corresponding move, but it wouldn’t shock me if Freddy is headed to the DL.

Of course Eppley pitched three innings yesterday so he could be sent down as well.

Later Sunday Morning LoHud reporting that Garcia is headed to the bullpen! It sounds like, though not confirmed, that Phelps will start (for now) and Eppley will head to Scranton. Mitchell was due to start today, so he is protection if the Yankees need a long guy.