Due to plans made months ago, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch the end of today’s Yankees-Red Sox game. I had made my peace with things and to be honest I was more upset about the fact that I would miss tonight’s Rangers-Ottawa Game 5. So, I had zero problem turning the TV off when the Red Sox took a 9-0 lead. I had to get ready and leave anyway.

In the car, on the way to dinner, I didn’t check the score, but when I walked into the restaurant I saw the game on the TV and couldn’t believe 9-0 had turned into 9-8. After a quick talk with the maitre’d, a table with an angle looking at the TV was secured and thus I got to watch the action from that point. I couldn’t hear what they were saying on TV, but I can only imagine. What a comeback and what excellent timing on my part. (In a separate bit of luck, I didn’t see a minute of the Rangers 2-0 loss)

Not to put a downer on things, but Freddy Garcia looked like he couldn’t get me out with his stuff today. You have to wonder how long the Yankees will stick with him? While his $4 million contract isn’t a ton of money for the Yankees and they have certainly blown a lot more on other pitchers, I suspect they will try and squeeze as much value as they can out of him. That leads me to believe he will be pulled when/if Andy Pettitte is ready to pitch in the bigs. It sounds like Pettitte is going to make three more starts in the minors which would mean Garcia gets three more big league starts, a luxury the Yankees may not be able to afford. Tonight was like drawing an inside flush, the smart gambler doesn’t bank on those odds coming around very often. If Garcia gets lit up in his next start, I don’t think the Yankees will have any choice but to make a move. Back later today after the finale.

*Longtime fans will recognize the title of this post as a tribute to Phil Rizzuto who used “WW” in his scorecard to signify a play he “wasn’t watching”.