Not a shocker to see tonight’s game rained out, at least based on the weather here in NYC. I think monsoon season must have started because it is ugly out.

I know there is a segment of the fanbase that is upset about not playing tonight. There seems to be some sort of foolish idea that the Yankees could have finished the Red Sox with a sweep tonight. Sorry, but teams don’t pack it in with 145 games left in the season. The Red Sox may be a mess now, but they have more than enough time to recover. Plus, the Yankees could use the break.

The rainout allows them to get out of Boston at 8pm (I read that is when their flight is departing) instead of after the conclusion of tonight’s game (probably 2am or so by the time they get to the airport) Furthermore, it gives them a break to to rest their bullpen and prepare for a rough week of 3 @Texas and then 3 vs. Detroit. Sure they will have to reschedule the game, but their two remaining trips to Boston are preceded by an off day.

Amazingly, we won’t see Boston again until the first week of July. I would bet anything that the Yankees encounter a very different team when that series commences. Count out Boston at your own risk.