Three plays in the first inning of tonight’s game make me think that the Yankees need to consider the future a bit more.

Start with the “throw” Nunez made from second that was very wide of first.

Follow that up with Ibanez’s attempt to catch a liner in left.

Cap it off with the “throw” Ibanez made from left on a play at home.

Here’s what I come up with- Ibanez is an awful outfielder while Nunez is an awful infielder. With Gardner on the DL, the Yankees need an everyday leftfielder, so why don’t they try something else?

Nunez may or may not have a true big league bat, I don’t think anyone can say for sure at this point. Even if he does, his glove is going to cost you runs. He could become a competent hitter in the bigs, but in the infield his glove is just too messy. So, if you believe in his bat, why don’t you try him in the outfield for an extended period?

Think about it, the Yankees have a hole in their outfield for the next two weeks. Ibanez is not someone who inspires confidence and Andruw Jones doesn’t seem that interested in playing the position. So, why not put Nunez in left for the majority of the next two weeks? Unless something weird happens, the Yankees will have an opening in right next season. I’m not saying Nunez could fill that opening, but there is a chance he could. Why don’t they find out?

The Yankees normally do not focus on the future. But, with Gardner’s injury they have a chance to experiment. Why not take it?