Still Not Jelling

The Red Sox lost another one today falling to 1-5. If they lose their next game, they will be exactly where they were in 2011 after 7 games played.

Something just isn’t right. I don’t think it is a talent issue, but rather a personality issue. The tone is all wrong (think Gert B. Frobe from Joe Dirt). Obviously it is early and I’m willing to give this more time, but if they don’t get into some winning ways soon, then what do we have? A lost off-season, a faulty team, a massive payroll all adding up to bad baseball.

I see Josh Beckett being traded. That just popped into my head as the cure all. Fair or not, he is very unpopular in Boston and seems to be one of those guys who just doesn’t and never will get it. He is being paid a ton of money to be an ace and he isn’t pitching like one nor is he acting like one.

This team seems to be at a crossroads, they could bet dragged down by a sullen personality like Beckett or they could be brought to higher ground by someone like Dustin Pedroia. I think Red Sox management has a bit of influence here in which path they end up taking and I’d like to see them do something about it.