Given the current standings in the AL East, Peter and I have both abandoned our team respective teams and are now avid followers of the 3-0 Baltimore Orioles and the 3-0 Tampa Bay Rays. Please join us…

Alright, things aren’t that bad, but with Boston and New York both at 0-3, this is not what I expected through the first series of the year. Peter, can you do a quick search to see when the last time the Red Sox and Yankees both got swept in a series simulateously? Not just the first series of the year but any series.

The Red Sox trouble has started and ended with the pitching staff. Alfredo Aceves, again, coughed it up and Mark Melancon did as well. Alfredo has an infinite ERA, covering 2 appearances, 0 IP, with 4 Hits allowed. Yes, that reads 4 hits allowed in 2 appearances with no innings pitched.

Melancon has been bad in a more traditional manner, allowing 5 hits in his 2 appearances covering 1 IP resulting in a 36.00 ERA. When you factor in the horrendous starts by Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz, it is no wonder the Red Sox are winless. I sure hope they get a win soon as otherwise it’ll be 2011 all over again and oh boy what a mess that would be.

The positives on the pitching staff are Jon Lester’s opening day performance, Vincente Padilla’s 4.1 IP relief outing no Sunday and Franklin Morales’s 2 appearances.

I believe the Aceves experiment should end and Bard should be brought back to the bullpen. I’ve said this enough, let’s hope the Red Sox listen. It is important to get a few wins. Not because I think this team will go into a tailspin, but because every game counts. An extra win in April 2011 could have meant the different from an organization overhaul to having Terry Francona here and the Red Sox coming off a deep playoff run.