Opening Day- Part 10

I kid, I kid, but we did have Opening Day in Japan. Then we had Opening Night from Miami. Yesterday we had Opening Day from the U.S.. So this is sort of the 4th Opening Day of the season.

I am not going to live blog things, but I thought I would throw in some observations as we go along. Through 2-1/2 innings, these are my thoughts.

David Cone said this was the first time in over 600 games that the Rays had a starting pitcher who was over 30 start a game. It only happened because James Shields turned 30 over the offseason. Think about that, 600+ games!!

Please get Joe Girardi to throw away the binder. Maybe you issue that IBB a month into the season, but in the first game?

Alex Rodriguez looks great. Not just at the plate, but in the field but in the field he looks quick. The only good thing about the absurd contract the Yankees gave him is that he is a fanatic about fitness.

Raul Ibaenz, my sincere apologies.

UPDATE- Top of the 4th. I think we can cancel the APB on offense in baseball. 6-5 through 3 innings. Joe West should be pleased.

I don’t want to spoil the trivia question for you, but it is either Enrique Wilson or Luis Sojo. Ok, I did want to spoil it.

Here’s a good trivia question, when was the last time that the AL wild card didn’t come out of the AL East?

Ok, I guess we can give Ibanez a pass for that groundout. Pretty cool stat that he is the only Yankee to have 4 RBI’s in his debut besides Roger Maris. He could have doubled that amount there.

UPDATE- Top of the 6th. Hey, it’s only been two hours since the first pitch and we are in the 6th inning! Seriously, Sabathia was lucky to escape with a 6-5 lead, he did not pitch well. Girardi has Wade warming up so it will be the quartet of Wade-Soriano-Robertson and Mo to close things out if the game remains tight. I am interested to see Wade as he had an awful spring.

UPDATE- Top of the 7th. Ok, wrong about Wade, CC made it through the six, but that has to be it. Presumably, Joe knows the season has 161 games left.

When will Gardner get a gold glove? That wasn’t an awesome throw, but he made an accurate one and got Jennings.

Answer to the trivia question I asked- 2006.

UPDATE- Top of the 8th. Very nice turn of the DP by Teixeira. The Yankees have had very good defense at first for the past 30 years if you forget about the Giambi era.

Is it me of do Piniella and Cone seem like they don’t like each other? I know it’s their first game together, but they have zero banter. Maybe it’s because Lou brought up the 1995 ALDS?

Would Girardi have brought Rapada into the game in the 7th if Soriano had gotten into trouble?

UPDATE- Top of the 9th. Robertson is off and running on his Houdini act, but I wouldn’t mind some “quieter” innings.

Really, really weird sequence in the Bottom of the 8th. Rays had runners on the corners with one out and Jose Molina up. On a 1-2 count both runners took off and Molina took a swing, presumably missing a squeeze sign. Molina fouled it off and then they ran the same play with Molina bunting it foul and striking out. My question is, why not pinch hit if you have that little faith in Molina?

UPDATE- Ballgame over. There’s something surreal about seeing Rivera lose a game. Looked like he had his velocity, just couldn’t locate as well as usual. But, the offense should be on the hook for this one, they left a village out there.

Lousy start to the season, but 161 left to play.