Thumbs Down

On the same day, 2 Red Sox pitchers disclosed thumb injuries. One, Josh Beckett’s is not serious, the other, Andrew Bailey, is very much so. Bailey will be out 4 months. Bailey’s injury, considering he was the appointed closer, throws the bullpen into disarray. Alfredo Aceves will handle the closing duties in the meantime.

It was earlier announced that the rotation was rounded out with Felix Doubront and Daniel Bard, but it really seems the Red Sox are forcing issues with players. First off Bard was terrible this spring as a starter and his walk rate was most alarming. Aaron Cook, now in Pawtucket, was great this spring. Cook is a seasoned starter, Bard a season reliever (and also failed started in the minors).

Bard moving to closer makes all the sense in the world and Cook to the rotation does too. No worries, the Red Sox have approximately 2 hours to solve this issue as today is Red Sox opening day. Hooray.

Notice I haven’t mentioned Bobby Valentine’s name yet, that’s because he is mentioning it enough for the two of us. Word came out this week that Bobby will have a weekly appearance on ESPN New York. Whether Bobby is doing this for the money or not, I don’t like it. Have some self control man. Try going a day without blathering. Going on the NY airwaves is not needed and really underminds the Red Sox vs. Yankees revilary.

Perhaps all really is well with the Red Sox, but from the outside looking in, it just doesn’t feel right. Players feeling the need to defend their manager, outside reports (Olney, Starks, Schilling, the list goes on) saying things aren’t well in Red Sox camp, all point to a disaster in the making.

Getting down to some actual baseball though will be nice.

Opening Day Line-up:

cf – Ellsbury – L
2b – Pedroia – R
1b – Gonzalez – L
dh – Ortiz – L
3b – Youkilis – R
rf – Sweeney – L
lf – Ross – R
c -Saltilamacchia – S
ss – Aviles – R

Guess Bobby doesn’t mind the back-to-back lefties. Really though, for all the discussion, this is a fairly expected line-up, no surprises. Bobby was just messing with us when he batted Aviles lead-off a few times in the spring.

Lester on the mound for Boston and Verlander for Detroit (he was awesome last year). Play ball!