The Crystal Ball

The baseball season is upon us and it is time for me to make my predictions for the 2012 season. Please keep in mind, I am usually very, very wrong, so don’t bet on any of these. Anyway, here are my thoughts and this year I will also predict award winners to make sure I have more things to be wrong about.

AL East

1- Yankees I went back and forth on this one because I have concerns about the age of the leftside of the infield and the pitching staff couldn’t make it out of camp without some injury problems. But, they have tremendous talent all over the place and plenty of pitching depth to cover the inevitable holes that will form. I would expect a monster year from Swisher, who will be gunning for his next contract.

2- Tampa Love, love, love that pitching and I think Desmond Jennings will have a breakout year. They will be on the Yankees heels all season and very dangerous come October.

3- Red Sox I’m absolutely baffled by what happened in Boston the past six months. They imploded in the pennant race and then did almost nothing to improve the team on the field. Losing Bailey won’t help, but I still like Melancon from his Yankee days.

4- Blue Jays They are an up and coming team, I just don’t see it coming all together this year.

5- Baltimore It’s amazing to think that the Orioles were once the class of the AL East. That was a long, long time ago.

AL Central

1- Detroit They had a great year and added Prince Fielder. But, I think Cabrera at third will be an absolute disaster and they will miss Martinez. Still they have too much talent and the rest of the division too little not to pick them for first.

2- Chicago I could go a lot of different directions on this one, but I think the White Sox have a smidge more talent than the rest of the division.

3- Kansas City Good times are coming to KC again.

4- Cleveland They surprised me last year by almost finishing at .500, but I don’t think they do it again.

5- Minnesota Rebounds for the M+M boys, but I don’t see a lot of other good things happening in Minny.

AL West

1- Texas I know, I know huge additions in Anaheim, but these guys repeated last year and I think they make it a trifecta this year.

2- Anaheim It’s scary to think that they had to find a place in the lineup for Trumbo and his 29 homers.

3- Seattle Montero will help and Smoak will improve, but they still need a lot of help on offense.

4- Oakland Beane is rebuilding again.

NL East

1- Marlins The Phillies have the most talent, but they also have a lot of questions. Miami has a new park, a new manager and some nice new talent. The lineup looks great and Josh Johnson is back.

2- Philadelphia Howard and Utley are hurt to start the year and the pitching looked a bit more hittable this spring. Still very, very dangerous.

3- Washington These guys are going to be very good very soon.

4- Atlanta In any other division they would contend for the title, but this is the toughest division in the NL.

5- Mets I don’t think this will be as bad a year as some expect. Santana is starting tomorrow. Duda looks like a young stud and Ike Davis is healthy and homering. Still, not enough talent to contend.

NL Central

1- Brewers They lost Prince, but they have plenty of talent left. Still the best team in the division.

2- Cardinals Last year I predicted trouble for them when they lost Wainwright. I won’t make that mistake twice.

3- Reds If Chapman is such a talent, why is he setting up in the bullpen?

4- Pittsburgh This will be the year they finish .500 or better, the problem is a bunch of other teams in the division will too.

5- Cubs Theo will need some time to turn this around.

6- Houston This is going to be ugly. 100 losses seems to be a lock, but I don’t think 110 is a stretch.

NL West

1- San Francisco Arizona seems to be the trendy pick, but I like the Giants. A full season of Brandon Belt will be huge.

2- Arizona Just behind the Giants, but very close.

3- Colorado I think the division takes a big drop after the top two teams. I could have picked any of the remaining clubs to finish third, but I am going with the Rockies.

4- San Diego See above

5- LA Donnie Baseball needs to be patient. Better times and some huge free agent signings are coming to LA very, very soon.

AL Wild Card- Tampa vs. Anaheim with Tampa winning.
Divisional Series Yankees vs. Detroit and Texas vs. Tampa with New York and Tampa winning.
ALCS- Tampa over New York

NL Wild Card- Philly vs. St. Louis with Philly winning
Divisional Series Milwaukee vs. San Francisco and Miami vs Philly with the Giants and Marlins winning
NLCS Miami over San Fran

World Series Yup, I am picking the battle of Florida with the Rays taking home the crown.

AL Cy Young- Felix Hernandez
MVP- Evan Longoria
ROY- Matt Moore

NL Cy Young- Josh Johnson
MVP- Hanley Ramirez
ROY- Bryce Harper