The Fallout

The reports are in. Pineda has tendinitis and Cabral has a “significant” injury. It sounds like Cabral would have made the team, now his future with the Yankees is hard to predict. As for Pineda, he is on the 15-day DL and Girardi said he he expected him to miss a month.

Now we have to assume that Clay Rapada makes the team as the second lefty. The question is who becomes the long guy in the pen? I think we will get a look at either Phelps, Warren or Mitchell in that role.

And just like that the Yankees have solved “the problem” of too much pitching. Hopefully, they will have a tough rotation choice to make around May 1st when Pineda is healthy and Andy Pettitte is ready to go. But, it is unlikely that things will work out that well.