Bet On “Tests”

Well, Pineda didn’t do much to make a case he should be in the rotation tonight. His fastball seemed to be all over the place location-wise and it was sitting around 91-92. (I saw 93 and 94 a few times) His final line will be ugly, but he would have been out of the third if A-Rod had made a better throw on a grounder. The question is, what do they do next with him? David Cone made an excellent point on TV when he said, “You can’t put this kid in a position to get buried in the Bronx his first few starts.” I can’t help but think the Yankees will take that to heart and we will hear he has been sent for tests.

I doubt the tests will find anything, but if the Yankees are going to keep PIneda out of the rotation they have to find a reason that won’t shatter his confidence. Pineda seems like a smart fellow, he knows what the expectations are and we should all believe that he wants to live up to them. The Yankees are in a delicate spot and they could use the excuse of a “tired arm” to put Pineda into extended spring training to let him work out his kinks.

It’s not a great situation, but one that will be very, very educational for the Yankee fanbase. Young pitching needs time and patience to develop. Fans keep clamoring for guys like Betances and Banuelos to be part of the team, but it very unlikely either one will come into the rotation and dominate from the start. They will require some development time in the bigs, just like Pineda might. Can the fans handle that?

UPDATE 9:34pm Well look at that. They just announced on YES that Michael Pineda had some pain behind his right shoulder before the game, but didn’t tell the Yankees.

UPDATE 10:37PM Mark Feinsand reports the Yankees will send Pineda for a MRI. Anyone want to bet the tests show that he needs to stop throwing for a few weeks?