Stop It

Normally, Bill Madden writes an insightful and balanced column. I’m not sure what happened to him yesterday, but this column is incredibly unfair. And Madden isn’t the only one. There is this and some other ones that fail to recognize Joba suffered a freak accident while trying to be a Dad.

Athletes do not exist in a vacuum. They do not appear in a game and then go up on a shelf where they remain until their next appearance. Life happens to them just like the rest of us and I refuse to knock a Dad for playing with his son, even if that play may have jeopardized his career. Anyone who has ever had a young kid has been in a situation where they beg you to do a particular activity with them like jump on a trampoline.

That decision, to be a Dad, turned into a disaster for Joba. Instead of criticizing him, how about we just wish him a good recovery? How about we hope that his little boy didn’t suffer too much trauma witnessing it? How about we show some compassion? Nah, it’s easier to be critical.