Problems Real And Imagined

Stop me if you have heard this, but there is a problem with Michael Pineda’s velocity. Apparently, his fastball “only” went 94-mph last night. Jon Heyman is ready to call the trade a one-sided win for the Mariners.

Perhaps we could all take a deep breath and recognize that Pineda is building up arm strength? Perhaps we could recognize that he is trying to develop a change up and may not be ratcheting up the fastball yet? Perhaps we could cool it on the Phil Hughes in 2011 comparisons because Hughes wasn’t throwing anywhere near 92 even last spring? Perhaps I ask for too much?

What I do find interesting is that while the Yankees seem to entertain these questions, they vehemently deny any problems when questioned about Raul Ibanez’s struggles this spring. I have read more than once that he will find his stroke and that since the AB’s are against both lefties and righties, the Yankees are not worried about his 2-for-34 start. The thing is, 24 of those AB’s have come against righties, the guys Ibanez is supposed to hit and he has only one hit against them. 1-for-24 is a pretty big slump and while he does have time to fight through it it’s worth remembering that two former Yankee leftfielders are still unemployed.

We are now just over two weeks away from the start of the season. Things will really start to solidify in the next week as the Yankees will cut their squad down to 30 or so players. It’s hard to see any additional roster surprises, but as the Yankees showed last week, you just never know.