Hello Again

Just heard on the radio that Andy Pettitte has come out of retirement and rejoined the Yankees. He has been signed to a $2.5 million minor-league deal.

This is a fascinating move. I can’t see any way that Pettitte breaks camp with the Yankees, but you would have to expect him to be ready to pitch by May 1st at the latest. Obviously, this changes the entire rotation picture. We know CC and Kuroda have spots and Pettitte will too if he is effective. What does that mean for Nova, Pineda, Hughes and Garcia? It means they are fighting for two spots.

I can’t imagine they use them, but the Yankees have options on Pineda and Nova. They could send them to the minors if they really wanted to. What I would guess as the most likely outcome of all of this is Garcia getting traded, Hughes going to the bullpen and Pineda and Nova rounding out the rotation once Pettitte comes back, but that’s just a guess. Furthermore, Pettitte’s addition means the Yankees have a real glut of pitching at AAA. Phelps, Warren and Mitchell have all pitched well so far. They will be in the AAA rotation with the Killer B’s. Perhaps one of them will be used to trade for a positional prospect?

Time will tell us on all of this, but the Yankees could have a lot of options if Pettitte can return to form.