Happy Retirement Wake

Just thought I would hijack the Red Sox side of this blog to wish Tim Wakefield a happy retirement. (Who am I kidding, Andy has entered the witness protection program and left all of you Red Sox fans in my clutches. Well maybe it just seems that way.)

I have a bit of a connection with Wakefield as I got to meet him because his wife and my wife both gave birth in the same hospital at the same time. He was a nothing but gracious with all the admirers I saw try and get his autograph when all he really wanted to do was see his newborn baby. That was 2004 and I guess we can all agree that he had a really good year that year.

Personally, I wanted to see him keep pitching. After all, Jamie Moyer is still active! Now here’s my question to you, Red Sox fans. Wakefield is third in franchise history for wins, behind only Cy Young and Roger Clemens. Does that merit his number being retired? I know he won’t make the Hall of Fame, but does he rank up there with someone like Johnny Pesky?

On a separate note, Wakefield’s retirement makes Mariano Rivera the oldest player in the AL.