What Are The Yankees Waiting For?

According to Jon Heyman, the Pirates are willing to pay $10 million of the $33 million left on AJ Burnett’s contract. If I am the Yankees, I would ask for a prospect in return and make the deal.

After all, the market has been set by the trade the Braves pulled off for Derek Lowe. I wrote about that three months ago and the Yankees would do well to pull off a similar deal. The Braves got rid of Lowe and got $5 million of his salary off the books plus a 23-year old pitcher who could eventually become a lefty specialist. So, $10 million from the Pirates and a pitcher like the one the Braves got seems like the going rate for someone like AJ and it would allow the Yankees to plow that money into something else.

But, they aren’t biting apparently. Joel Sherman tweets, “Yankees telling Pirates absorbing $10MM of AJ’s $33MM isn’t enough, won’t do deal at that level. I’m surprised. Thought Yanks would be happy to defray any of Burnett’s $$ to move on from him.” I couldn’t agree more.