Bad Idea

There are reports all over the web that the Yankees are in serious talks with Raul Ibanez. This is not a good move in my mind.

Start with the obvious, Ibanez is 39 and coming off a season where he hit .245/.289/.419. Supporters will that he was weighed down by a terrible line against lefty pitchers (.211/.232/.353) but his line against righties .256/.307/.440 is not exactly setting the world on fire. Some of the more advanced stats concern me as well. Last year his line drive rate was only 16% after being above 20% for his career. His ground ball rates also increased. In short, there is little here to convince me that he isn’t someone tailing off with the bat at the end of his career. He also offers the Yankees little in the way of positional flexibility. He hasn’t played right field in years, sticking in left 99% of the time with an occasional appearance at first. To me, this move is reminiscent of the Randy Winn deal from a few years ago and I hope it doesn’t happen.