A Fine Mess

Forgive the intrusion on Super Sunday, but I feel that an important baseball matter has come to light this weekend. While I don’t normally care about the personal lives of Yankees personnel, this Brian Cashman mess has some troubling parts to it. I don’t want to moralize and I think it is important to remember that however it looks, we don’t know the reasons behind Brian Cashman’s choices. I am not excusing adultery, but it is not our place to judge Brian Cashman’s actions that don’t pertain to the Yankees.

But, there are some parts of this story that have to do with the Yankees and they aren’t great. You can read about the whole sordid mess in this piece on Deadspin, but two quotes stick out. They both are from the woman currently being held in Rikers for extorting Cashman.

First we have: “He was so pissed off when Mariano went to the press about his throat thing and didn’t run it through Yankee PR first.”

And then: “He was angry about some Puerto Rican or Dominican player. I forget his name. He was just traded to the Mariners. But Brian was frustrated because there was apparently some trouble with the player’s visa.” (Obviously, the player is Jesus Montero)

If I were Hal Steinbrenner, I would want Brian Cashman to explain to me why he is talking about Yankees players with his girlfriend. To me, it shows a huge lack of judgement and I can only hope that these were the only things he said about the team.

From reading the Deadspin story you get the sense that the woman Cashman was involved with is angry and willing to lash out at everyone even remotely associated with Cashman. If I were Brian, I would sit down and figure out all the things I said to this woman and then call the people involved. The tabloids are on this story and the details are going to come out sooner or later. Let’s hope Brian showed some discretion.