Don’t Buy The Sizzle

Jon Heyman reports tonight that Hal Steinbrenner discussed Edwin Jackson with Scott Boras. Before you judge the story, keep in mind that Heyman has a very “interesting” relationship with Boras. It has been speculated all over the internet that they have a bit of a quid pro quo going on. Boras plants some info he wants to get into the mainstream with Heyman and in return, Heyman gets tipped on which players are going where from Boras. I have no idea if that is the case here, but there are a few things it is probably worth remembering.

1- The Yankees have been repeatedly linked to a goal of keeping their payroll under $189 million in 2014. They have four, yes four players signed in that year already for $80 million, so they have “only” $109 million to spend on the remainder of the roster. That makes fitting an expensive free agent into the budget hard.

2- I know there are a lot of superlatives about Jackson’s durability and strikeout numbers, but it is worth remembering that he has pitched for nine seasons on six teams and is 60-60 with a 4.46 ERA.

3- Even if the Yankees choose to ignore those signs, I am sure they have noticed that he went 19-26 with a 5.08 ERA when he was in Tampa.

What I would suspect is that Boras is quickly realizing he is running out of landing spots for Jackson. Reportedly, he was looking for something like 5 years and $80 million or so. Since that isn’t happening, he may be willing to gamble on a short deal with the hopes of cashing in next year or in 2014. I could see the Yankees biting on something like 2 years and $25 million or so. I hope they don’t, but I could see it and I bet that’s something Scott Boras has concluded as well. But, until Kuroda is off the market, I don’t see the Yankees signing Jackson.