A Few More Small Moves

According to John Heyman, the Yankees have reached a deal to bring back Andruw Jones to the Bronx. Jones will make the same base $2 million he did last year, but it sounds like his incentives could equal another $1.5 million.

Jones had a rough first half (.635ops) but he rebounded with an enormous second half (1.028ops) and punished lefties to the tune of ..286/.384/.540. With Brett Gardner not able to do much against lefty pitching (.233/.345/.272) this is a smart move to bring Jones back.

And I like the other move they made, signing Hideki Okajimi to a minor league deal with an invite to camp. They essentially get a free look at a guy who used to be very tough on lefties, though I won’t enjoy watching him look like he is going to break his neck every time he throws the ball. Maybe Okajima rediscovers his effectiveness and becomes the second lefty in the pen. Maybe he doesn’t, it won’t cost the Yankees much to find out.

I’ll be back tomorrow to say goodbye to 2011.