Are Yu Waiting?

Get it? That was a “clever” way to remind you that the Yu Darvish decision is due tonight. Actually, it was originally due around 8pm. Then it was reported that it would come around 10pm. It’s 10:45pm now, so we may be here awhile.

Fear not, I will be with you all the way. Just a reminder, it’s a two-step process. At some point tonight, Nippon will announce that they have accepted the bid. They don’t know who made the bid, only the amount. After Nippon formally accepts the bid, MLB will announce the team that made it. Stay tuned….

UPDATE 11:06pm So there is a fake Bud Selig account on Twitter which reported that the Blue Jays had won the posting with a bid of $52 million. Considering one of the next tweets was “Report, Gary Bettman is a bigger idiot than I am” I am somewhat dismayed that more people didn’t realize this “news” was false.

UPDATE 11:08pm A seemingly more credible report was just tweeted by Jeff Passan of Yahoo sports saying the Rangers won the posting with a bid of $51.7 million.

UPDATE 11:10pm Here’s link to a Yahoo story about the report from Passan. Have to say, this is pretty curious. The Rangers wouldn’t go the distance for Cliff Lee or CJ Wilson, but they do this for a guy who has never thrown a pitch for them?

UPDATE 11:13pm Multiple sources confirming the Yahoo report.

UPDATE 11:16pm Here’s a link to the MLB twitter announcement.

UPDATE 11:25pm
While I amazed they bid that much, it is worth remembering that the CEO of the Rangers knows a thing or two about pitching.

UPDATE 11:28pm
Probably worth remembering that Dallas-Ft. Worth is the 4th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and the Rangers just signed a TV deal that will net them $80 million a year. This is a team that can spend with the big boys.

Well that’s it for me tonight. I imagine someone will dig up the size of the Yankees’ bid at some point, but you can’t fault them for not wanting to spend $52-million to offer Yu Darvish a contract. I imagine the resolution of the Darvish process will start the wheels moving on some other things like the Gio Gonzalez trade and Kuroda’s free agency. We will have to wait and see if the Yankees have any involvement in that.