Melancon for Lowrie and Weiland

The Red Sox traded oft-injured Jed Lowrie and spot starter Kyle Weiland to the ‘Stros for former Yankee reliever Mark Melancon.

If it were up to me, I’d have Bard set-up and Melancon close, or the other way around, but I wouldn’t put Bard into the rotation. Bard has never had success at the pro level as a starter and seems to be very good at setting up/relieving, why screw around with something that works.

As for losing Weiland and Lowrie, I’m not going to cry too much. I feel badly for Weiland as he did horribly in spot duty and wasn’t alone in playing poorly towards the end of the year and would have been better served in less important situations. As for Lowrie, I think the Red Sox tried their best with him, but he just couldn’t put it together. He got off to a blazing start in 2011, but was awful the rest of the way (.962 OPS in April and then .689, .352, .655 and .562 in May, June, August and September respectively).

ESPN’s Keith Law seems to think Lowrie is a huge loss for the Red Sox and he also thinks him having a healthy year is important and if there is anything we know about Lowrie, it is highly unlikely he’ll stay healthy. Time to move on from Lowrie. I hope he does well, but if he can’t stay on the field, it doesn’t matter how good he is.

I like this move as it adds depth and options to the pitching staff. Melancon might not light it up as a closer in the Papelbon mold, but he should hold his own in set-up duty and maybe even closing duties.

Also, Nick Punto was signed which begs the question, what becomes of Mike Aviles and/or Marco Scutaro? Could this signal a trade is coming? Could Hanley Ramirez be coming to Boston??? Sorry, got carried away there, but it could signal a trade for starting pitching or some other pieces.