Tender Time

Considering the six players the Yankees needed to tend a contract to by tonight were: Joba, Gardner,Hughes, Logan, Martin and Robertson, it should come as no surprise that the Yankees have tendered all of them. Unlike last year, where they made a big mistake with Aceves this year’s choices were no-brainers. Now the question is, will anyone of value be non-tendered tonight? Early returns are not encouraging, but we will have to wait and see what the final list is.

It’s a weird time in New York these days as it is the first time in years that I can remember where baseball is at the bottom of the list or sports that everyone is talking about. Sure, there have been times when a sport jumped ahead of baseball for awhile, but I can’t think of another time in recent years where baseball seemed to be the lowest on the list of the major sports. But, the NBA is coming back and the Knicks are good. (Finally!) The Jets and Giants are fighting for playoff spots and the Rangers look like they will be very good this year. Add in the fact that the Yankees won’t spend money and the Mets can’t and it’s not hard to understand why baseball is not a hot topic right now.

That will change by February, but it could also change sooner if a big move is made. I think the Yankees are just waiting for prices to drop in the market. Teams are still asking for tons in return, but if the demands go down, Cashman will act. As he said last week, “The Yankees are open for business.” It just doesn’t seem like it right now.

Back tomorrow with some thoughts on the non-tendered.