A-Rod, Part 2?

The word is Albert Pujols has signed a 10-year/$250 million contract with the Angels. To me, that is a huge mistake by Albert as he will never have what he had in St. Louis. Now he is just another baseball mercenary. Plus, I wonder with the state income taxes in California, how much more is he actually going to make over staying in St. Louis? They reportedly offered over $200 million, so what is the actual difference?

I am listening to the Rule 5 draft and will update this post when it is completed.

UPDATE 10:12 Interesting tidbit from the Rule 5 draft. When they did the roll call and announced each team’s 40-man roster space, they announced the Yankees at 38 players. Looking at the roster, I count 39 so I wonder what happened?

UPDATE 10:13 Yankees select Brad Meyers from Washington. They did not lose a player in the first round.

UPDATE 10:22 Yankees have obtained Cesar Cabral from KC. Cabral was selected by KC from the Red Sox in the Rule 5.

UPDATE 10:48 I think my post title was unfair- to A-Rod. Thinking back to when he left the Mariners, he got a contract offer from Texas that absolutely blew away everyone else. I don’t think anyone was even close to $200 million, let alone the $252 he got. Plus, he had never won a World Series. Contrast that with Pujols. He had an offer north of $200 million from a franchise where he had won two World Series. I didn’t like what A-Rod did, but if you killed him then, or boo him now for his contract machinations, you better boo Pujols too. He left the Cardinals for a lot less money than A-Rod left the Mariners for. (BTW- the difference in Missouri and California tax rates means he will pay about $800,000 a year extra in taxes so add that to the calculations.

UPDATE 11:00AM Joel Sherman is reporting that CJ Wilson is heading to the Angels as well. Let’s see, Haren, Weaver, Santana and Wilson in the rotation and Pujols in the lineup- wow.

UPDATE 11:02AM Ok, let’s talk about the Yankees’ two moves. Brad Meyers is 26 and has been a starter in the Washington system for five years. He put up a 3.48 ERA in 17 games (16 starts) in AAA last year. Basically, for $50,000 the Yankees are going to bring him to camp and see if he can compete for one of the 12 spots on their pitching staff.

Cesar Cabral is more interesting as he is a power lefty arm. He was taken in the Rule 5 last year and returned to Boston. He’s only 22 and he hasn’t pitched above AA, so the chances he sticks are small. This is an almost identical move to the one the Yankees made last year when they selected Robert Fish in the Rule 5 (BTW, Fish was selected again this year. This time by the Braves.) If Cabral pitches well, the Yankees have their second lefty. If not, they return him to Boston and lose the cash they paid Kansas City for him. (Not sure on the amount, but I can’t imagine it was much more than $50,000).

UPDATE 11:10 Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees have removed Greg Golson from their 40-man, so that explains how they got to 38.

UPDATE 11:13 Terry Francona just said this on Sportcenter when asked about Pujols being a DH at some point with the Angels: “I know that enters in at some point, but I think it is also a little bit overblown. I mean if you are to the point in your career where you can’t play first, they are probably not going to want you to DH either.” Does this mean David Ortiz can play first?

UPDATE 11:18 Jack Curry just reported the following: “Cashman wouldn’t divulge if Yanks will bid on Darvish. Said history with international pitchers gives them experience in this area” Let’s see now. I can think of three pitchers who the Yankees brought in from the international market to the majors: Irabu, Contreras and Igawa. If that’s the history he is referring to, I can’t see them bidding!

UPDATE 11:22 Just thought of this. Even with Golson coming off the 40-man, the Yankees will need to free up another spot when they “officially” sign Garcia.