Didn’t See That Coming

The “Silent Assassin” strikes again. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees have won the posting bid for Japanese shortstop, Hiroyuki Nakajima. Yes, that’s right, he’s a shortstop.

This is a fascinating move for the organization to make. Nakajima is 29 and has hit .302 in his career. You can read a more detailed scouting report here, but the real question is what does this mean for the Yankees going forward?

I don’t think Nakajima is going to supplant Derek Jeter anytime soon, but his presence on the roster would allow the Yankees to rest Jeter and A-Rod more regularly in 2012. And, if he proves he can handle the majors, then yes, you do have Jeter’s replacement, thought that is a much, much bigger kettle of fish.

All of this requires the Yankees to actually sign him. Nakajima has been a starter his whole career, will he be willing to accept a bench role in the U.S.? Will he expect to get a big payday? If so, I don’t think the Yankees will sign him. But for now, they have made a very interesting move.