Familiar Names

Reading through the various dispatches from Dallas it becomes clear that there are three names the Yankees are being asked for in any trade discussion: Banuelos, Betances and Montero. The White Sox reportedly asked for two of them for John Danks. The A’s did the same for Gio Gonzalez. Obviously, Danks for two of them is ridiculous. Gonzalez for two of them is more reasonable, but I still wouldn’t do it.

If I am Brian Cashman, I would be willing to trade one of them, preferably Betances, but maybe Banuelos. I don’t let go of Montero unless someone like Felix Hernandez is coming back in the deal. This trio probably represents the best three prospects the Yankees have had since the days when Jeter, Rivera and Pettitte were in the minors, you don’t surrender that easily. The Yankees have the luxury of volume when it comes to pitching prospects and they should try and use that to their advantage. How about packaging Betances, Phelps and Noesi? That should get a solid return.

But, it appears that everything in the baseball world is on hold until Albert Pujols makes up his mind. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in South Florida, I would encourage him not to go there. Much like Dallas, Miami is really about football. Think about it, the Marlins have won two World Series since 1996, the second most in MLB since then, but they still don’t have a passionate fan base. Maybe a new stadium will change that, but I doubt it.

More as the evening develops (or should I say if?)