Winter Meetings Time

Maybe, just maybe the next few days will give Yankees’ fans something to talk about. Brian Cashman has repeatedly said that he will not do something just for the sake of making a move and it is hard to argue with that stance. It is also hard to argue against him passing on “bargains” like CJ Wilson at six years/$120-million or swapping Montero and Banuelos for John Danks. If that is really what the market is, the Yankees will probably sit on the sidelines the next few days.

But, I gave Cashman the nickname, “Silent Assassin” for a reason, he usually doesn’t tip his hand. Who saw the Swisher or Granderson trades coming? We kept hearing that CC would opt out in October, but that didn’t happen. I have a feeling that things are happening under the surface, but we won’t know until they come to fruition. It’s a throwback to the days before the internet and sometimes it is frustrating as a fan in the internet age. But, we just have to trust the guy calling the shots, he has certainly earned that.

I will post as news breaks, not just on the Yankees, but all of baseball.