Manager and Moves

The Red Sox manager search is progressing or at least that’s what they are telling us. Much has been made of Dale Sveum being the choice of new GM Ben Cherington, but not the choice of ownership and how Ben has possibility already seen his autonomy threatened/questioned.

Both the GM and ownership has put on a game face and said it was a collaborative effort and not to look much into the Sveum issue. In fact, I would not have wanted Sveum, not because he isn’t a good baseball man, but I will never be able to forget how tough a time he had as Red Sox 3rd base coach. I wasn’t critical of him at the time, but I know the general fanbase was and just couldn’t get past the issue.

If the choice came down to Tory Lovullo, Gene LaMont or Bobby Valentine, I have no idea who I’d want. Valentine would be the most interesting an at least initially, most fun, but his act gets old and I always think back to his attempt, after being thrown out of a game, to sneak his way back to the dugout with a fake moustache. Great comedy, but perhaps an unwanted distraction from, you know…winning baseball games.

As for player personnel moves, nothing has happened yet. We are between the GM and Owners meetings and things can take time to come together. The Red Sox need rotational depth and a few complimentary part, but I don’t see them needing a make-over, so this could very well be an off-season of minor adjustments. Oh and a closer.