Very Interesting

Caught Joe Girardi on Mike Francesca’s show today. Here are some choice moments-

He feels that AJ Burnett is making the transition from thrower to pitcher. (I’ll leave that one alone)

Girardi doesn’t know Montero’s exact role, but he thinks Montero has to “catch some” if he is with the big club. Girardi plans on using a rotating DH next year and he feels that Montero needs to be allowed to develop at catcher as well. (Not sure if this is a stance to drive up his trade value or the truth)

He thinks Joba will be back and contribute next year. (Good!)

Giardi believes Nunez’s defense troubles are because he isn’t used to playing all over the diamond. He feels that the throwing troubles came from playing a different position every day. When he left Nunez at short for a stretch or third, the throwing problems disappeared. He also said he would play him “all over the field” next year. (I think Nunez got a lot better in the field as the year progressed. But, his bat wasn’t as amazing as everyone seems to think it was.)

He has no problem hitting a different lineup against lefties and righties, especially with Cano, but he is going to look at moving him to the three spot permanently.

He mentioned that he needs to “look at” Jeter leading off next year. (Interesting, wasn’t expecting that shot to be fired across Derek’s bow now.)

He was very impressed by Noesi last year and thinks he has a bright future. Mentioned that he was in winter ball to get his innings up. (Glad he noticed that Noesi didn’t throw enough innings last year. Too bad it’s November.)

He thinks we could see Betances and Banuleos next year in the bigs. One of them could force his way onto the roster out of camp. (Good!)

When asked about Posada returning he said, “It’s probably not going to happen”. (No shock there.)

Girardi feels the big thing this offseason is getting a little more “depth” in the rotation. (Yup)

Girardi said he felt Cervelli can play every day in the bigs. (wow)