The Yankees Will “Talk” To Everyone

More shocking news, the Yankees plan to talk to CJ Wilson. This means that they might actually have a conversation with the best free agent starter on the market. For a team that needs help in their starting rotation this would seem to make a lot of sense.

I kid, I kid and i know this is only an attempt by some columnists to fill their column inches, but really is there anyone the Yankees won’t “talk” to this offseason? They will talk to Albert Pujols and see if he wants a very short-term/low-money contract. When he says no, the talks will be over.

I don’t envy the New York baseball writers this offseason. Barring a stunning turn of events, the Yankees have done their big move this offseason already. The Mets are laying off personnel and seem likely to cut payroll big time. That means, there won’t be a lot real news to chase but those columns still have to get filled. So, expect every rumor to be magnified even more intensely than usual this offseason. By the time February rolls around we will probably have heard the Yankees linked to 95% of the players in baseball. Just keep that in mind before you overreact to any rumor.