A Disturbing Precedent

The NHL announced today that they have sold the naming rights to their All-Star Game. So, we will now be subjected to the “Tim Horton’s NHL All-Star Game”. I wish I was making this up.

The leagues have been maximizing revenue for years. We have that chase to thank for supposedly great innovations like “flexible scheduling” in the NFL and Sunday Night Baseball games. Great things, unless you have a ticket to a game that gets moved from 1pm to 8pm. Remember when the playoffs meant stadiums draped in bunting? Not any more, that would block the ads. All I can say is that I hope none of the other leagues follow suit on this, but you know they eventually will.


On to bigger and better things. CC Sabathia has reportedly decided to opt out, but he hasn’t actually done so yet. I can only hope the Yankees remember the mistake they made last time a player opted out. Losing Sabathia would be a blow and he could even end up with Boston, but the Yankees would be foolish to go beyond the four years they have remaining on his deal. I hope they do not.

One last note, MLBTR obtained the Elias free agent rankings which determine free agent compensation. It is worth noting that Freddy Garcia qualified as a Type B free agent and the Yankees should definitely offer him arbitration. He has a low base salary anyway, so there is very little downside and the Yankees could either bring him back or get a draft pick if he leaves.