That Was Amazing

If you are a baseball fan and you didn’t witness Game 6 last night, you should feel shame. I have seen a lot of amazing things on the baseball diamond, but watching the Cardinals come back from two-run deficits in the 9th and 10th and then win it in the 11th has to be one of the greatest games ever.

And the amazing thing is that it looked like the game would be remembered for terrible baseball. The two teams made FIVE errors. Matt Holliday got picked off of third by Mike Napoli. (I’m still not sure how that happened.) But that was all erased by an amazing ending.

Someone once said, “The two greatest words in the English language are ‘Game Seven’,” and that’s what we have tonight. Tomorrow’s forecast in New York is for freezing temperatures and a chance of snow, but before that starts we get to enjoy one last day of summer- savor it.