End Of An Era

With Theo Epstein’s formal resignation Saturday, the Boston Red Sox say goodbye to a very successful era. Terry Francona was the start of this change and more is sure to come, but the departure of Brookline native and lifelong Red Sox fan Epstein, really puts an exclamation point on the overhaul.

Epstein should have earned himself a free beer anywhere in New England with his performance, but there are those will say, and I have to confess, I have wondered it out loud myself, why would a Red Sox fan give up his dream job? Seriously, what real baseball fan out there hasn’t wished the opportunity to be GM for a day, let alone 9 years?

Of course there are those pesky details, like 14-hour days, family life balance, stress, Boston media, players drinking during baseball games, the list goes on. It is being reported that Epstein is going to be President of the Cubs, which puts him in the Larry Lucchino role. Apparently Jed Hoyer will be GM and a bunch of former ex-Red Sox personnel will join them in Chicago. Funny, perhaps Lucchino is worried that Epstein is just years away from exclaiming, “The student has become the master.”

Good luck to Epstein and the Cubs (except when they play the Red Sox), but on to more important things like who will run this team and who will manage this team?

It seems like a done deal that Ben Cherington will be named the next GM of the Red Sox. He has been here as long as Epstein and from all accounts, is ready to take on the job. He has his hands full after the disaster that was 2011.

As for the new manager, I would expect he’ll be one who can crack that whip, but who incorporates sabremetrics (good-glavin!), and can handle the pressure cooker that is Boston. I have no clue who that person will be. I didn’t think Francona was the right pick. I thought Joe Maddon was the right call. Shows you what I know.

Once the WS is over, Boston will get to making announcements and getting to work on 2012. The Red Sox have talent and money to spend, let’s hope this overhaul yields something more than the 10-year. The Red Sox are a very fortunate organization, in that they have an A+ fan base and high revenues (courtesy of the aforementioned fan base). I sure hope ownership gets these next few weeks right.