The Wrong Thinking

Apparently, CJ Wilson is not a good signing because he is an awful postseason pitcher. His 5.32 ERA shows that he shouldn’t be trusted with a big contract. I love this line of thinking because it is just so silly. CJ Wilson’s postseason ERA is ugly, but it is only 1/2-a run higher than CC Sabathia’s and it is actually lower than Justin Verlander’s. I guess those two guys shouldn’t get a big contract either, right?

I’m not advocating the Yankees sign Wilson to a huge deal, but at the right price, I would certainly be interested. CJ Wilson at $12 million or so a year seems like a pretty solid signing to me. He may not be the best pitcher in the AL, but he is a pretty good one. And it is worth noting that he lowered his walks this past season while increasing his strikeouts. Throw in the fact that he is a lefty, and the Yankees definitely need to take a look at him, even if he gives up 14 runs in his next postseason start.

I get it, the story pool shrinks in October. There simply isn’t enough for most the writers to fill their columns. But judging a guy’s career on the basis of a handful of October starts is a bad idea.